Systems Vision Science Virtual Symposium: July 12th, 2024


Systems Vision Science Virtual Symposium takes place on July 12th, 2024, 15:00-19:00 German time,

as the end of the Systems Vision Science Virtual Summer School.

This summer school and symposium are the virtual editions of the onsite summer school and symposium in 2023.

We invite contribution and free registrations for this symposium. The presentations at the symposium will include two keynote speeches (30 minutes each)
and contributed speeches (15 minutes each). The topics of the presentations will be any topic of Systems Vision Science,
which combines computational, behavioral, and neuroscience methods to discover and investigate functions and algorithms for vision in various brain regions and their implementations in neural circuits.


To contribute or register, please fill out our registration form (including an abstract for contribution),
which can be found here:
and send the filled form to

Please direct inquiries to